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Updated Blog Look & Feel

by pittcaleb Email    1277 views

For the first time in entirely too long, I have updated the back-end software for this blog B2Evolution and installed a new skin, using some of the elements from 2 iterations ago of this blog (i.e. header graphic). I always meant to re-work that pink/… more »

Praise of the Year (so far)

by pittcaleb Email    1865 views

I use this space quite often to rant against corporations that tick me off: Comcast, Verizon, Outback Steakhouse, Unions, etc. It's relatively rare when I post glowing praise, although I have done that before (Evangel Church). I'm in a good mood t… more »

You Go New Jersey!

by pittcaleb Email    1081 views

According to the Star Ledger: Preliminary data released by the New Jersey State Police showed no traffic deaths during the three-day New Year holiday, the first holiday weekend without an auto fatality in the state in at least six years, a report in Nor… more »

Simply Amazing: Ghost Ships of the Recession

by pittcaleb Email    3859 views

Seems the world wide recession has created a Ghost Navy. Great read, check it out. Thanks to @MissyCaulk for this amazing lead. more »

Things that make me sick: Hollywood Rape Apologists

by pittcaleb Email    1915 views

Film Director Roman Polanski, convicted in US court of rape some 30 years ago, fled to Europe to avoid jail time. He was recently detailed in Switzerland to serve his punishment and be extradited to the United States. First the "French" defended him… more »

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