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Things I Find Ironic: Peace Protesters

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"If you want to protest, you have your rights to protest under the constitution, but you should do so peacefully. You shouldn't be destroying the windows of other corporations just because you don't agree with their policies. I feel like you can protest… more »

New Blog Back-End & Skin

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I finally got around to updating my 2+ year old blog engine to help it run more efficiently and give me some more features to play with. Everything appears to be running fine right now - what I'd like are any bug/error reports you may encounter. Know… more »

Updated Blog Look & Feel

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For the first time in entirely too long, I have updated the back-end software for this blog B2Evolution and installed a new skin, using some of the elements from 2 iterations ago of this blog (i.e. header graphic). I always meant to re-work that pink/… more »

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Blogs I Read   The Raw Feed   Christifideles   Loquacious of Blog   Blog Maverick   Message Boards   HD DirecTiVo   DirecTiVo… more »

Defiling a sacred shrine

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If you read blogs and search for "Bush Gandhi Dogs" you'll find a lot of people are posting that the Indians (real Indians, not Native Americans) had to re-purify the shrine of Mohandas Gandhi after Bush's recent visit. The left would have you believe i… more »

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