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Free Wood!

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What to do when a Russian Freighter dumps literally tons of wood in the Engligh Channel? Retrieve it and build a shed... Funny story of the week below: Embedded video from CNN Video more »

He'll take care of the rest...

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Once a year I go through my Keith Green phase - and that time of year is Easter. [I *wish* could have hair like his!] Don't know why, but I do. While driving to a friends for Easter lunch with the family, we were skipping through my KG collection when… more »

colbert report

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live / micro blogging my trip to nyc to see the colbert report on facebook and twitter. twitter name is PittCaleb more »

You Go New Jersey!

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According to the Star Ledger: Preliminary data released by the New Jersey State Police showed no traffic deaths during the three-day New Year holiday, the first holiday weekend without an auto fatality in the state in at least six years, a report in Nor… more »

A day at the beach!

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Since I've already broken my rule of 1 post per day, I thought I'd toss up something much more lighthearted and fun. The day we broke the news to Josh that we were moving, we made a couple of promises: You will finish Kindergarten in Saline; You will… more »

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