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I abandoned this blog almost a year ago, but retain it for writing longer "notes." This one has been stirring in me for some time, please give it some of your time. - C2This post really has to parts, if part 1 starts to bore you, please don't skip t… more »

Summer Jobs

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The summer of 1990 had me getting my very first every retail job. Thankfully also my only ever retail job. Blockbuster Video on Centre Ave in Oakland. Only 20 years later and just shy of 25 years since they opened, and revolutionized home entertainmen… more »

Fear of Flying

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As if flying wasn't undignified enough already - getting virtually strip searched before boarding, paying for your luggage, your carry-on and even your drinks, since you can't bring them through security.Now they're developing seats like horse saddle… more »

Italy too Italian?

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Although I have been lax in keeping up with this blog, I have been setting aside items of note throughout the summer. Those that still have legs, I will start commenting and posting on again. Thanks for your continued readership...In late July, The… more »

Chose your school district

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Another in my long line of anti-union posts: Which school district would you rather your child be a part of: New York City: Rubber Rooms & Firing Incompetent TeachersorRhode Island's Central Falls School District: Board fires all 88 High School T… more »

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