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Here we go... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl...

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Here we go... Here we go... Here we go... Steelers - Here we go... Pittsburgh's goin' to the Super Bowl... This is the year we'll get that one for the thumb! [Please, everyone, give that 16-second chant a quick listen here to get you in the pro… more »

Why I don't like Daytona

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A blog post for information too long for Facebook or Twitter:I have never liked Daytona, I'll be honest, I watch it merely for "the big one" wishing to see tons of mangled metal and hurt feelings that will create some drama in the increasingly bland… more »

Heartbreaker: Best Steelers Song Ever

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We're from the town with the great football team, We cheer the Pittsburgh Steelers! It's that time of year again - Super Bowl Fever has hit me like a truck and there's no medicine that can cure my ill! This is an annual rite of passage for us from… more »

Super Bowl XL Wrap-Up Part Two

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So I jump onto the People Mover at Joe Lewis and head for the stadiums. I read there was "pre-game entertainment" in the vicinity of Ford Field accessible only to ticket holders, so I figure something's going on up there. While on the people mover th… more »

Never a guarantee of a moment

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I have long espoused on this blog my definition of "sport" - an activity can only be called a 'sport' if there is risk of death during the participation thereof. i.e. Fencing and Javelin Umpiring - you get the point. Although Tennis is considered a v… more »

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