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The Black & Gold

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Today is the first day of the NFL season - if you're a Pittsburgh fan. All other games are meaningless and now it's 3 games for the season... The biggest question of the day... Stay home, watch the game in High Definition on the large screen - OR -… more »

Sports Mascots

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I have always wondered what guided sports franchises to choose their mascots. I mean, did real live Cougars ever really roam the area of my old high school? And does a teenager dressed as one really strike fear into our opponents? At the college lev… more »

Croc Hunting is Officially a Sport

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I have one definition for calling something a sport - there must be a legitimate risk of death in participation. For example, bowling - not a sport. Auto Racing: sport. Soccer - not a sport, Soccer Referee: sport. You get the picture. So if you'… more »

Live from Detroit...

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A big hello from downtown Detroit Steel City... I'm currently in the (insert ISP sponsor) NFL Experience. Here's the scoop so far. Awake at 8:00... Hit the road at 9:09 AM from Saline... As I approach the intended parking location in Dearbor… more »

World Series Bets

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So every couple of years, you read about some store having a promotion where you buy product during spring training and if the team wins the World Series, they refund your purchase. This year it was Jordan's Furniture from Boston. If you bought furni… more »

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