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Sports Mascots

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I have always wondered what guided sports franchises to choose their mascots. I mean, did real live Cougars ever really roam the area of my old high school? And does a teenager dressed as one really strike fear into our opponents? At the college lev… more »

Live from Detroit...

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A big hello from downtown Detroit Steel City... I'm currently in the (insert ISP sponsor) NFL Experience. Here's the scoop so far. Awake at 8:00... Hit the road at 9:09 AM from Saline... As I approach the intended parking location in Dearbor… more »

NCAA Tourney - Day 1

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Since I probably won't have a chance to brag the remainder of the month, I thought I'd do it now. After day 1, I'm 13-3 in the tourney in 1st or 2nd place in all (4) of the polls I'm entered in. Not too bad. The only "bad" pick I made is the crucia… more »

Final Olympic Thoughts...

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...until real news of what went down there starts coming out of course... I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics on all 5 of NBC's channels in glorious high definition utilizing my TiVo's (well, one TiVo, one DirecTV DVR). I went to bed at 10 PM… more »

Mark Martin is the man!

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Since the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr., Mark Martin has been my favorite driver. He's "retired" now and running a partial season on the NASCAR circuit. But he's doing so well, even part time, that he's in contention for the season title. A NASCAR col… more »

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