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NCAA Tourney - Day 1

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Since I probably won't have a chance to brag the remainder of the month, I thought I'd do it now. After day 1, I'm 13-3 in the tourney in 1st or 2nd place in all (4) of the polls I'm entered in. Not too bad. The only "bad" pick I made is the crucia… more »

Final Olympic Thoughts...

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...until real news of what went down there starts coming out of course... I thoroughly enjoyed watching the Olympics on all 5 of NBC's channels in glorious high definition utilizing my TiVo's (well, one TiVo, one DirecTV DVR). I went to bed at 10 PM… more »

Mark Martin is the man!

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Since the death of Dale Earnhardt Sr., Mark Martin has been my favorite driver. He's "retired" now and running a partial season on the NASCAR circuit. But he's doing so well, even part time, that he's in contention for the season title. A NASCAR col… more »

What's wrong with this picture?

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Yeah, I'm still way behind in posting - looking for houses in NJ, stressing about both the trivial and the difficult all while attempting to memorize my lines for tomorrow's Easter Production at church. What's wrong with this picture? more »

To charm city we go...

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Friday morning we packed up the family and headed east to Charm City. Our primary purpose was to attent a friend's (Lucinda's grad-school roomate) wedding in Baltimore, secondarily though we wanted to do a bit of sight-seeing, although time would prove… more »

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