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What's wrong with this picture?

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Yeah, I'm still way behind in posting - looking for houses in NJ, stressing about both the trivial and the difficult all while attempting to memorize my lines for tomorrow's Easter Production at church. What's wrong with this picture? more »

Croc Hunting is Officially a Sport

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I have one definition for calling something a sport - there must be a legitimate risk of death in participation. For example, bowling - not a sport. Auto Racing: sport. Soccer - not a sport, Soccer Referee: sport. You get the picture. So if you'… more »

To charm city we go...

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Friday morning we packed up the family and headed east to Charm City. Our primary purpose was to attent a friend's (Lucinda's grad-school roomate) wedding in Baltimore, secondarily though we wanted to do a bit of sight-seeing, although time would prove… more »

The Black & Gold

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Today is the first day of the NFL season - if you're a Pittsburgh fan. All other games are meaningless and now it's 3 games for the season... The biggest question of the day... Stay home, watch the game in High Definition on the large screen - OR -… more »

World Series Bets

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So every couple of years, you read about some store having a promotion where you buy product during spring training and if the team wins the World Series, they refund your purchase. This year it was Jordan's Furniture from Boston. If you bought furni… more »

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