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Why the World Series will go to Game 7

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I live in Ann Arbor, MI - a mere hours drive from Comerica Park, home of the American League Championship Detroit Tigers. I have a bold prediction to make - the World Series *will* go to game 7. I don't know that the Tigers will win it or not, but it… more »

Olympic Hide & Seek!

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This is a 2-for-1 special today. Whenever I see or hear something extremely off-the-wall, I go to to see if the video has been posted. If it's on tape, they've got it on their servers. Did anyone catch the diver who slammed her head into t… more »

You think the Tour de France is hard?

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Imagine running a 3,100 mile foot race over a 2 month period, wearing out a dozen pairs of shoes in the process. Now imagine doing that by running around the same block - every day, all day. Zoiks! Seriously, seems some religious sect does this to d… more »

Landis is a cheater

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Anyone who knows me knows I love the Tour de France. I've been watching it annually since before Greg LeMond was in the race. I've seen LeMond's awesome victory on the Champs Elysees, I've seen riders literally drive off the side of mountains while cyc… more »

More Valuable: Human vs Animal edition

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When Michael Vick was suspended from the NFl for participating in Dog Fighting, I was outraged - not that Vick bred, fought and put down dogs, but that his punishment was worse than what other athletes have done for what I consider much more serious acts… more »

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