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Got a room?

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Lucinda and I are looking to get away for a long weekend, and I think I found just the place to stay. That's the Hardwood Suite at the Palms Casino in Las Vegas. Their web site describes this $50,000 per night room as such: The Hardwood Suite,… more »

Ultra-Marathoning - A Real Sport!

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I've blogged extensively about activities that are not sports (i.e. Race Walking) and activities that are (i.e. Fencing). Well, I found a new one to go into the Sport category - Ultra-Marathon running! I despise running, even to catch the bus. The f… more »

Revolutionizing Football

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Way back in college, I had a friend named Joe who wanted to see a system of sensors and lasers used in football to properly and accurately mark the balls location & possession. This goes for setting and checking first downs, placing the location of… more »

NFL: Indefinite Suspension

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For the good or the bad, Donte Stallworth, who I blogged about earlier today, was suspended "indefinitely" by the NFL. Listen to this video report from for more details. The good is, as reported by ESPN's Chris Mortensen, that it is believed… more »

Defining Sport: Luge is one

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Lest anyone ever thought that Luge was not a sport, today unfortunately, Georgian Nodar Kumaritashvili reminded us that it truly is one. I have long argued that for an activity to be defined as a sport, there much be legitimate risk of death during the… more »

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