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Steelers in the Super Bowl Links

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I was doing some searching this morning and came across a website/blog titles Deadspin - aside from some drunken Big Ben photos they host, they have some very cool Steeler/Super Bowl stuff up there I found good reading. I could steal the content and pos… more »

Hail To Pitt!

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After a tremendous victory, and the Pittsburgh Panthers first ever over a current #1 team, at Connecticut earlier in the week, the other top ranked teams tumbled Saturday - North Carolina losing to Maryland in Overtime followed by Texas trumping Oklahoma… more »

Race Walking is NOT a sport!

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I have a long history is defining what a sport is and is not. There has to be a legitimate risk of death in the participation thereof for it to be considered a sport. i.e. NASCAR is a sport, Red Sox fan sport, Fishing for marlin, fencing, and others -… more »

Losing by Winning?

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I was reading one of those ubiquitous "Top 10" lists that come out this time of the year. This one was Top 10 Public Relations Blunders of 2008. Coming in smack in the middle was this baby: 5. Nike Just Blew It When self-described "good, solid" m… more »

Let's Go Bucs!

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Dude, the Pirates should truly sign this guy! I hear he already lives in town and has a couple of championships/gold medals already on his fireplace mantle. In case you didn't catch, this was the Penguins Sydney Crosby! more »

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