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It's just a flesh wound

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I never cease to enjoy seeing photographs such as this. I mean your job is to watch the Javelin and mark its landing spot. It's not like this is an innocent bystander - it's someone who is literally watching this flying object land and puncture their f… more »

Olympic Medal Count

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One of the reasons I haven't been blogging lately is the Olympics. I wait patiently for 4 years for them to come, dedicate my life to watching them for the 2+ weeks they're on, and then go into hibernation and wait till next time. This year, NBC and… more »

Five Boro Bike Tour

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On Sunday, Lucinda and I participated in the 31th Annual Five Boro Bike Tour of New York City! 42 miles of car-free touring of the five boroughs of New York City. Incredible fun! Here's our day, keep reading for some valuable insights and observatio… more »

Anglicizing the Olympics

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Someone tell me why the Olympics are so American. No seriously - I'm not talking about the American teams or even the X-Games snowboard half-pipe, I'm talking about everything else. First, you should be aware that the Olympics are in Torino, Ital… more »

NASCAR: No longer a sport

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I have a long standing rule on the definition of spot: There has to be a chance of death for an activity to be considered a sport. I posted this back in July 2007, adding Olympic Fencing as a newly sanctioned sport to go along with previously listed on… more »

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