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NASCAR Live Tweeting

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Follow me as I attend today's NASCAR Sprint Cup Series race at Dover Speedway at more »

Being a Baseball Fan is a sport!

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Just a couple weeks ago, I determined, based on serious scientific analysis, that being a NASCAR driver was no longer considered a sport by my strict definition of the word "sport." To be considered a sport, there must be risk of death in the participat… more »

Pitt Football Stinks

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If you took any time from your day to watch the Pittsburgh Panthers in the 2008 Sun Bowl against Oregon State, as an alumnus, I apologize for those minutes or hours in your life that you will never get back (although you were given 1 second back last nig… more »

Fencing is now officially a sport

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A have a rule that defines the term "sport." Only 1 factor plays into this determination. Is there an imminent risk of death? If there is, it's a sport. For example, I participate in GeoCaching. Some call it a sport. I have been at risk of injury b… more »

It's a great day for baseball... Let's Play (game) Two!

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That famous baseball quote by the Cubs great Ernie Banks is more than appropriate on a beautiful sunny Saturday afternoon in June. But with temps right now standing at 39 degrees and rain drizzling with the expectation of flurries by nights end, I'd h… more »

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