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Why I'm Always So Mad At The World

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...or at least have been since I graduated college... 17 Years, 17 freaking years. more »

Lots of stuff

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Yeah, it's been another one of those busy weeks and although I saved a bunch of stuff to blog about, I didn't have the time to do it properly, so here goes... NASCAR Sucks: I love the sport, love watching it, attending it, like some drivers, hate oth… more »

Super Bowl XL Wrap-Up Part One

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It's Monday evening and I'm finally starting to return to normalcy from yesterday's activities. Somehow in my "old age" (i.e. 34) I'm not recovering as quickly from all-day, all-night escapades like I was able to in my youth. This will be a long post… more »

World Series win makes people healthy

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According to Harvard Medical School research, ER visits were statistically down during last years curse-busting World Series run by the Boston Red Sox. Seems they found an inverse coloration between the fortunes of the BoSox and ER Visits. I don't kn… more »

No more safe Super Bowl's

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Just when I thought the Super Bowl was "safe" it turns out I was wrong. Ever since the Janet Jackson "wardrobe malfunction" people have become hyper-critical of every move anyone makes on national television. And before I continue, I want to point out… more »

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