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Now this is just awesome!

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As an at least an in-spirit lifelong resident in the City of Champions, this is one of the coolest things I could ever enjoy... I have seen all 4 of the Pirates World Series trophies on display in the Pirates offices, at the time in Three Rivers S… more »

Free Speech or lack thereof

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Hey, I'm not ragging on the US Government today! Seems the Brits who are good enough to be invited to the 208 Beijing Olympics in Communist China, with Human Rights abuses too numerous to list, are being required to sign a contract stating they won't sa… more »

More true sports revealed

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First the "good" one - another Javelin toss led to serious injury and could have killed someone. See the YouTube video here. On ESPN they debated why we still have this sport in track & field, they wondered aloud do children grow up wanting to beco… more »

Caleb's Going to the Super Bowl...

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A couple days ago I blogged about the Steelers going to the super bowl (when you say that, you have to sing along to the song I linked to in the post)... Well, it's not just the Steelers who are going, but now I too am going to the Super Bowl!… more »

Feel good story of the day

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While at the grocery store today, Josh asked me about the frequent shopper card I had to present to the cashier in order to get my discounts. You know the drill, your key chain has 4 of them attached, doesn't it? The bagger at our local Super Stop &a… more »

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