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What is it?

by pittcaleb Email    2956 views

Hints: I took the photo on my Droid, which is why what at the time appeared to be a wonderful artistic image turns out to be a "what on earth is that thing?"  The image was taken this past weekend. The first person to tell me what it is will win a free… more »

Don't go away angry, just go away...

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I've been following the whole Leno / O'Brien situation with a snicker on my face for the past couple of weeks. I remember back when I used to watch the late night shows and Dave Letterman was given the shaft and didn't get the Tonight Show gig, forever… more »

One BIG dying family

by pittcaleb Email    1994 views

If you have a remote control, you know that if you or your family is non-standard, you can get a reality show: "little" (formerly midgets) people have I believe now three shows, families who work together (i.e. building motorcycles, etc.), it you have MA… more »

The Real World meets New Jersey

by pittcaleb Email    1520 views

A lifetime ago, I used to watch The Real World religiously. I cared about the people, I wanted them to both succeed and fail miserably. The first season when the white girl from the mid west says to the black city girl with a pager, "You deal drugs?" -… more »

Wii Pray

by pittcaleb Email    1773 views

I've been quite busy lately, playing with my new tech gadget. Perhaps I'll, finally, do a write-up for yuinz this weekend. Until then, catch this awesome video for a new Wii game. ROTFL! more »

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