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Feeling Guilty

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Ever since we bought our first DVR back in 2001, I have felt guilty. Guilty that in having the DVR, I feel like I watch MORE TV than I did before hand. More specifically, we watch a higher number of shows, but because of the DVR, we do so much more eff… more »

This is what's wrong with Big Government and over-regulation

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Xoran Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based company, has devised a CAT Scan technology that makes the medical imaging "faster, cheaper and safer" but insane government over-regulation has made it impossible for them to market the device. "State health care… more »

Return of the $6,000 car

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Renault has introduced a new car priced at only $6,000 (5,000 Euros). The developed the car for sale to "emerging markets" where people don't normally own cars - Eastern Europe, etc. Funny thing though is that this car is proving popular in Western c… more »

My son is a genius

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Not that anyone who's met him would hesitate to apply this label... I'm not in the habit of posting AIM chat logs with my friends (incriminating most of them are), but this one I just had to. When I recently built my son a 'new' computer (my old P3… more »

Hail to Momentum

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There's a cool solar car race from Darwin to Adelade, Australia going on right now. These are super-special million-dollar solar cars that barely fit 1 person. The University of Michigan has an entry that is currently in 3rd place. The Panasonic… more »

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