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Breaking Tech News: Microsoft Zune

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In an amazing show of force, after 2 years in the marketplace, Microsoft's Zune media player has shown its dominance in the space once solely occupied by Apple's iPod line. Seemingly coming out of nowhere, Microsoft made news in the closing minutes of… more »

Rant against DirecTV

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[Feel The Love] Let me first state that I am a 10-year subscriber to DirecTV and although in the past I have ranted here against Comcast (cable internet) and Verizon (land-line install problems), I have never in the past 10 years had a problem with Dire… more »

What I Want for Christmas

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Why exactly are you doing reading my blog on Christmas Day? OK, you could be reading this the day after, or reading it in e-mail via your RSS feed. Personally, I posted this article on the 24th with post-dated it for the 25th, so yeah, I have better th… more »

It's been a busy week (lots of links)

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I traditionally pick a topic and write a lot about it. Unfortunately, it's been a very busy week for me (this is mostly a good thing) and I haven't found even the time to make quick posts. So here's a synopsis of articles I saved for blogging which wil… more »

Star Wars meets the Droid

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For some reason that I don't fully understand, George Lucas owns the trademark or such on the Droid word/name and every Droid phone sold by Motorola gets him a cut. Note they are coming out with an R2-D2 themed Droid in the next month I believe.That… more »

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