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Finally, a laser phonograph

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I was reading Popular Science at the Optomitrist this morning while waiting patiently for my appointment. They had a blurb of new products and featured this one: 22 years after the CD hit the market, we have a device that spins your LP's, but rat… more »

Typhons, Cyclones and Tsunami's - Oh My!

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A few years ago, a massive Tsunami hit the Indian Ocean region. It devastated parts of Indonesia, Sri Lanka, India, and Thailand, completely wiping some towns and their residents off the map. It was horrible. One of the chief complaints at the time… more »

Teens & Partying

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I am not yet the parent of a teenager, but can certainly imagine the day when my teen spends a weekend out and when he returns won't tell me what happened. This must be how the NASA engineers are feeling about their 6-earth-year old Mars Rover Spirit:… more »

Geek Porn Wednesday

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A little bit of geek porn for your Wednesday commute home. Trust me, if you're not a geek, today's post will bring you no joy.Back in the day, and when I say "in the day" I mean the very beginning of technology, Bell Laboratories was the place. IIR… more »

Big Brother

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When I read things I believe are "too weird to be true" I often dismiss them as false and go on to the next thing. I mean we all know that just because it's on the Internet doesn't mean it's true, right? So in the past hour, more than a few people I… more »

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