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Mich. Teen Downloads Billionth iTunes Song

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I am not kidding - I read this headline on 2 different web sites and thought the same thing - one kid downloaded a billion songs!?!?!? Seriously, there was an article a few months back about some Japanese guy who sent like a billion SMS messages (he sen… more »


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When it came out, CAPTCHA to me was an insane annoyance. I've come to live with it, well, because it's ubiquitous these days on anything that requires registration (message boards) or deals with items in short supply (i.e. Ticketmaster). What annoys… more »

Digital Transition

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Everyone knows about the digital transition, yes? Just last week, I detailed some of the stuff to a friend who asked. When you get into the differences between Digital and Analog television, the pictures grows murky. First you have at least 3 differ… more »

NYC bans iPods!

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I believe driving while on the cell phone is already banned in New York State. Now the city of New York wants to ban listening to Cell Phones and iPods while crossing the street! Seriously! Seems 3 pedestrians in Brooklyn have already been killed in… more »

Losing Things

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I lose things. I lose things all the time. I don't know how I haven't lost my kids in the 6.5 years of being a dad. Maybe they're just too big and squirrelly to lose. I have a theory on why I lose things. I put my stuff, keys, cell phone, wallet,… more »

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