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How to box in a basement beam

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I periodically have fun over at Yahoo! Answers - people post questions and if you know the answer, you reply with the details. Granted, a full 60% of the questions are stupid, like "Why do people like American Idol" but interspersed with the stupidity a… more »

Tim Berners-Lee has a blog

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So let's all take a ride in the "way back" machine... Once upon a time, while at Blackhawk High School, I used a VT terminal to take a programming course at Pitt during my sophomore year (yes, you read that right, college credit during my sophomore ye… more »

How to put video on your iPod

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I purchased a (video) iPod (5th Generation) in May. Been loving it since then, but haven't taken advantage of the "video" portion of it. I mean seriously folks, why would I want to download a season 2 episode of Friends to watch on the tiny screen when… more »

IRL, Golf and the quest for space

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[Just rambling, and it's late. I WILL hyperlink key phrases and topics - just not now. Re-visit this post in a day or two and find the links. I also broke this message up into 3 sections, continue clicking for the full read - just trying to make it ea… more »

Coolest Video Ever (well, at least for today)

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Found this video thanks to the crew at Buzz Out Loud... I love video racing games - it's my primary video game expertise.  Gran Turismo, Project Gotham Racing, Need For Speed, etc. So when a group of folks decided to test the "third person" driving e… more »

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