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The sad loss of a dear friend

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Two close friends of ours left/moved almost 3 years ago, in January 2004. Although sad to have seen them leave, it has been great to hear from them periodically and keep up to date with pictures they have taken and posted on-line. Unfortunately, befo… more »

Searching for Steve Fossett

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This is quite cool, and possibly helpful. As most of you know, Aviation Pioneer Steve Fossett, holder of many records in fixed wing and ballooning, has been missing for a couple weeks now. They know in general where he was planning on going when he lef… more »

it's a miracle

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i can not believe this blog is up... now if only i had email again more »

Torture from 7,000 BC?

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Seems archeologists found some torture devices they found date back to "5500 - 7000 BC" proving that these devices are some 4,000 years older than first thought. What are they? Dental Drills! I can disprove this quite easily... If this is true, how… more »

This is why I want a Nintendo Wii!

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The Wiimote more »

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