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Turn your Prius into a Generator

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If you're a) too cheap to buy a $700 generator and b) so outlandish as to own (a quite expensive) Toyota Prius seems you can spent between $2,000 and $4,000 to convert your Prius into a power plant for your house in the case of power outtage. This… more »

Best Technology Ever: Atari 2600

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Here's a great read and modern take on what I consider the greatest piece of technological innovation ever created: The Atari 2600! Atari 2600 still schooling game designers more »

Revolutionizing Football

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Way back in college, I had a friend named Joe who wanted to see a system of sensors and lasers used in football to properly and accurately mark the balls location & possession. This goes for setting and checking first downs, placing the location of… more »

Gettysburg Electric Map

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I have been to Gettysburg numerous times and thoroughly enjoyed both touring the battlefields, examining the mural and watching troop advances on the electronic map. The (old) visitors center was older than dirt. I think Lincoln himself may have dedica… more »

Simon Says...

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My older son is very good on his Nintendo DS Lite - plays the games much better than I would have thought he could. So I started telling him about the "electronic" games we had "back when I was your age." My peers will remember - the LED based foo… more »

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