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Alien Abduction Dog Tags

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Ever worry about being abducted by Aliens and not knowing how to get back home? No worries mate, Earth Bound Dog is here to help you! Attached to standard military-style dog tags are a set of intergalactic directions for your safe return to the 3rd Roc… more »

Digital TV Conversion

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Hallelujah! Breaking News from Switch to Digital TV to Take Place as Scheduled: Delay Defeated in House [1:08 p.m. ET] I honestly could give you a dozen technical and financial reasons why the date should not have moved, and am so tha… more »

Elevator Secrets and why you should always wear your seatbelt

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I just read on The Raw Feed of this alleged Elevator Secret (and here) - if you hold your floor choice and "door close" buttons at the same time, it will go into a secret, undocumented, express mode and wisk you directly to your destination without stopp… more »

Weekend Reading: Prank Net

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I have just spent the past half hour reading an in-depth report on this underground group, Prank Net, over at The Smoking Gun. Seems there is this group of seemingly adults who, using services such as Skype, make prank phone calls to people in public pl… more »

Why I Hate The Media: Normal Borlaug Edition

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If one didn't know better, the only major news story from last week was that Patrick Swayze had died. That's all good and well, except that while reading Time Magazine's Briefing page, where Swayze got 13 column inches devoted to him and his heroic batt… more »

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