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You've Been Served

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OK, say that title again in your best classic AOL "You've Got Mail" voice. Then imagine for yourself a Facebook application, similar to SuperPoke or Snowball Fight that allows legal process servers to send you summons through your facebook account? S… more »

Reducing Power Consumption

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Since moving into our new home, I have wanted to gradually swap out our incandescent light bulbs with CFL or LED's. Our former house had a lot of CF lights installed, but we hadn't put any in this one. Fortunately for me, our main living area is dire… more »

Apple, Jobs & The single-button mouse

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The simplicity of Apple's design is well known. One of the biggest human interface differences between an Apple and a PC is that one-button mouse. PC's started out with 2 or 3 and back in the first ages of GUI and WYSIWYG, it was sometimes very confusi… more »

A car that runs on air?

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Everyone always surmises that the Government (US presumably) has invented a car than runs on water, but won't permit it to come to market as it would destroy the petroleum infrastructure we have in place. Yeah, right... Seems independently, a French… more »

Cool AT&T Web Site (advertisement sort-of)

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I am oblivious to advertisements. I have always been able to "tune them out" regardless of the media format. I have also been a DVR user since 2001 so haven't seen a TV commercial in over 6 years except while on vacation. I run AdBlock inside of my Fi… more »

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