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When Aminals Attack!

by pittcaleb Email    1680 views

Just think with me about this scenario... I live in the country, and we have various animals that roam around outside, and sometimes, unfortunately, inside. I finished my basement 4 years ago and sealed it up as best I could. But in those 4 years, w… more »

Android Intellectual Property Theft

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I woke up very early and was the 1st in line at my local Verizon Wireless to get the original Droid last November. I've loved it every day since and can't remember life before. This coming from someone who owned a Palm III, Palm IIIx, Palm V, Garmin iQ… more »

Insulting Our Intelligence

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It has long been a pet peeve of mine when products are advertised as "Chemical Free." Come on, everything is a chemical compound. Has anyone ever heard of Di-Hydrogen Oxide? Companies push cleaning products touting Organic this and Chemical Free that… more »

Do you share a computer?

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Ever wonder what happens when two people share the same computer and one is trying to hide something from the other? Eventually your secret gets out! This is why I double-encrypt all my files at home, never send e-mail from my personal account to tho… more »

I've been digged... big time...

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So with my big post about geocaching yesterday, I checked my stats this morning. I noticed I had over 3,000 hits referred to by digg. What's up with that. I see they're all for my recent article on gay marriage and the church's response to it and stat… more »

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