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Printing Tickets at Home

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I have long loved being able to print everything from concert tickets to airline tickets and even postage stamps at home.  Why waste time & resources of printing them on card stock, stuffing them into an envelope and mailing them to me.  What irks me… more »

IWOOT: Pizza Cutter

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OK, most all of you probably know that I don't eat Pizza. I don't eat anything with Tomatoe sauce - no pizza, spaghetti, lasagna, ketchup on anything. Heck, I don't even eat red grapes out of fear they may be cherry tomatoes! All that said, if someo… more »

Lots of stuff

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Yeah, it's been another one of those busy weeks and although I saved a bunch of stuff to blog about, I didn't have the time to do it properly, so here goes... NASCAR Sucks: I love the sport, love watching it, attending it, like some drivers, hate oth… more »

Two Short Rants

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A couple of short rants to end the year with before I go back to happy posts... #1 - Poor High Definition Broadcast Practices I have a 7 year old 52" Rear Projection High Definition television. It performs flawlessly and I have no complaints. I u… more »

Gas is not that expensive people!

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This entry started before Hurricane Katrina, but becomes more important now that gas prices have risen even more post-storm. I bought gas on Thursday in Ann Arbor, MI for $3.15 (actually, my car takes premium which cost me $3.35, but regular was $3.15… more »

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