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Information wants to be free

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Ever since the invention of Gutenberg's Printing Press in the 1400's, information has wanted to be free. Be it the Bible, free to the people and un-restricted control by the Priests, or the Unabombers Manifesto admonishing the world against technology.… more »

Never miss the School Bus again

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Seems someone took the technology of resturant paging systems and incorporated it into a school bussing system. As we know all too well, the pagers at our local eatin establishment only work for a relatively short distance. Rel Comm has put transmitter… more »

Hero's Fountain

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I watch this FBI-show called Num3ers. The gist is the FBI agent's brother is a genius professor at some mythical college. Every week there's a case that by the use of mathematics, he is able to solve in under an hour. It's an attempt to make a traditi… more »

The Danger of using Google maps

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Props to the Funny Blog via the Google Maps Mania Blog more »

Weird Vehicle Racers

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Two weeks ago I told you about the University of Michigan's entry in the solar car world championships in Australia. They finished in 3rd place. The team blog has some interesting accounts, including one of getting impaled by road debris close to the f… more »

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