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Do I hate the American worker? Or is it just my wallet?

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I needed a new pair of shoes this past weekend, so off to Sears it was, where I know they carry my favorite shoe - New Balance. Not only do I find their shoes comfortable and well built, I also know they're the last American Manufacturer of sneakers and… more »

Government can't do anything right, or could they?

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Rewind if you will back to the OJ Simpson trial. Teh defense argument can be summed up in but two sentences: The LAPD is a bunch of bumbing fools and don't know what they're doing, our client is innocent. The LAPD is the brightest government agency… more »

Check YES if you agree. Check YES if you don't!

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Only in New Jersey, where we have a wildly popular Governor who is enacting reforms faster than most politicians spend money, can said Governor enact legislation that asks towns to fill out a survey with 88 questions in 7 categories. Towns are scored ba… more »

NJ on the right track?

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I don't think anyone would argue that the state of NJ, it's politics or politicians are just downright corrupt to the bone.  This state is in such a, well, state, that I just read an article about an official in Jersey City who was forced to give up his… more »

Security Theater: Sunday Scare Edition

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I used to speak passable German, but that doesn't stop me from understanding every word in this video. Skip in to the 2 minute mark, then if you get bored, to the 7:30 mark... more »

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