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Homosexual Civil Unions

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For the record, let me state that I am a Born-Again, Pentecostal, Conservative Christian. I believe that homosexuality is a sin and that if left un-repented, like any sin, you will go to Hell because of it. I love marriage and have been in such arrange… more »

Lots of stuff

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Yeah, it's been another one of those busy weeks and although I saved a bunch of stuff to blog about, I didn't have the time to do it properly, so here goes... NASCAR Sucks: I love the sport, love watching it, attending it, like some drivers, hate oth… more »

Immigration Numbers

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I found a great blog last week, hosted by the NJ Star Ledger, Stat Attack by bob Gebeloff. Today he posted an article about immigration. Think for a minute, realizing that Liberty & Ellis Island are actually a part of NJ. Today, how many foreign… more »

Free Speech or lack thereof

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Hey, I'm not ragging on the US Government today! Seems the Brits who are good enough to be invited to the 208 Beijing Olympics in Communist China, with Human Rights abuses too numerous to list, are being required to sign a contract stating they won't sa… more »

Oh Dear!

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My 4 year old son's favorite television commerials all belong to Geico. He love the Gecko, as do I. His favorite commercial right now is the one where the Gecko is asked to do a "trust exercise" with an executive. As the 6' tall man is about to 'fall'… more »

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