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Oh Dear!

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My 4 year old son's favorite television commerials all belong to Geico. He love the Gecko, as do I. His favorite commercial right now is the one where the Gecko is asked to do a "trust exercise" with an executive. As the 6' tall man is about to 'fall'… more »

Civil Disobedience

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Apparently Civil Disobedience is only good enough for pre-determined causes - you know, like seats on a bus, drinking fountain use and Indian (the country) workers rights. If you're a middle school student in Readington, NJ, don't dare use pennies to… more »

More Sexism in Washington

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I'll be brief, but you may recall, I literally went bezerk at the media's treatment of Sarah Palin as sexist. I was chastised as being overly sensitive and that it really was about Palin herself, not women in general. Now this very same media has a p… more »

This is what's wrong with Big Government and over-regulation

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Xoran Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based company, has devised a CAT Scan technology that makes the medical imaging "faster, cheaper and safer" but insane government over-regulation has made it impossible for them to market the device. "State health care… more »

NJ on the right track?

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I don't think anyone would argue that the state of NJ, it's politics or politicians are just downright corrupt to the bone.  This state is in such a, well, state, that I just read an article about an official in Jersey City who was forced to give up his… more »

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