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Explaining my absence

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Any more, I have to keep my internet and broadcast new input to a minimum. I feel that most of the "people" out there are uninformed and that the media is completely one-sided. It's to a point where it actually angers me... How can a network get a r… more »

Civil Disobedience

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Apparently Civil Disobedience is only good enough for pre-determined causes - you know, like seats on a bus, drinking fountain use and Indian (the country) workers rights. If you're a middle school student in Readington, NJ, don't dare use pennies to… more »

More Sexism in Washington

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I'll be brief, but you may recall, I literally went bezerk at the media's treatment of Sarah Palin as sexist. I was chastised as being overly sensitive and that it really was about Palin herself, not women in general. Now this very same media has a p… more »

This is what's wrong with Big Government and over-regulation

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Xoran Technologies, an Ann Arbor-based company, has devised a CAT Scan technology that makes the medical imaging "faster, cheaper and safer" but insane government over-regulation has made it impossible for them to market the device. "State health care… more »

NJ on the right track?

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I don't think anyone would argue that the state of NJ, it's politics or politicians are just downright corrupt to the bone.  This state is in such a, well, state, that I just read an article about an official in Jersey City who was forced to give up his… more »

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