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Today's sign of the Apocalypse...

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Seems the Chairman of VeriChip, one Scott Silverman, has a solution for immigrants - let's put an RFID chip in them. Some people do this to pure-bred dogs, we as a country can now do it to immigrants. Yeah, that sounds like a great idea Mr. Silverman.… more »

Throwing My Vote Away -or- Voting Libertarian

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This Presidential Election season reminds me of that from 1996. In that election, Bill Clinton was ripe for defeating, but the GOP nominated Bob Dole as his opponent. To this day, I have not run into a single person who claims to have voted for Dole… more »

I'm a king maker!

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I am on my second stint as a resident of New Jersey. The first time was from Jan 1994 through Dec 1998. We've been "back" since June '07. Christie Todd Whitman, Republican, came into office in January of 1994 and remained there until leaving for t… more »

Why I hate Conservative Talk-Radio

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I've been listening to less and less conservative talk radio in the past year. I believe it started about 4 years or so ago when they, in general, Rush in specific, became mouth-pieces for the Republican Party. I have always considered there a differen… more »

What has this world come to?

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First President Obama wins the Nobel Peace prize not for what he has done, but, literally, hope - hope that he will do what he wants to do and the hope he has given at least the 5 people on the Nobel committee that the world will be more peaceful than it… more »

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