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Trickle Down Economics

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So if you ask a liberal, they'll tell you that "trickle down economics" is bunk, bogus and a sham. That it's merely republican party double-speak designed to make people feel good about being rich. The theory is that as a person spends money, others… more »

The Chinese are at it again...

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Proving to the world again and again, the Chinese are stealing technology (military this time) and using it against the West. When the European Space Agency decided to launch/install its own GPS-type satellite constellation, the French contingent want… more »

Carbon Offsets are utter B.S.

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I've been reading entirely too much about carbon offsets for the past many months. The deal is this - you feel guilty about creating CO2, so you pay someone to "offset" this sin for you. In turn, they take your money and do something good with it. The… more »

Observation of the day...

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During the last election cycle, President Bush, in the move that turned me against the man, went to Pennsylvania, my "original" home state, and actively campaigned for 4-term Senator Arlen Specter during the primary in its waning days. Specter was "oh t… more »

So you want national health care, do you?

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In Great Britain, the bastion of nationalized health care, there is a group, The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence (NICE) that determines exactly what gets covered, who gets covered and when you can get coverage. You want a new kid… more »

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