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Digital TV Conversion

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Hallelujah! Breaking News from Switch to Digital TV to Take Place as Scheduled: Delay Defeated in House [1:08 p.m. ET] I honestly could give you a dozen technical and financial reasons why the date should not have moved, and am so tha… more »

Two Daily Show Segments

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Two video's from the past week or two of Daily Show humor political reporting and insight. This first video I alluded to yesterday. It "discusses" the insane double-standard the Conservative talking heads have towards Obama when during Bush they expe… more »

Buy American?

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Here in the Peoples Republic of Ann Arbor, we can read the Communist Daily (Ann Arbor News). As with any paper and citizenry, there are some complete whack jobs out there. A month or so ago, someone wrote in that they wanted to place heavy taxes on e… more »

Ban on lawmaking... Please...

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OK, I've been gone for more than a few days and I come back and what do I read. The state of New Jersey, somewhere I lived for 5 years I regretfully admit, this state in which it's nearly impossible to live more than 5 miles from a Superfund Site, this… more »

Check YES if you agree. Check YES if you don't!

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Only in New Jersey, where we have a wildly popular Governor who is enacting reforms faster than most politicians spend money, can said Governor enact legislation that asks towns to fill out a survey with 88 questions in 7 categories. Towns are scored ba… more »

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