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Government can't do anything right, or could they?

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Rewind if you will back to the OJ Simpson trial. Teh defense argument can be summed up in but two sentences: The LAPD is a bunch of bumbing fools and don't know what they're doing, our client is innocent. The LAPD is the brightest government agency… more »

Letters to the Editor

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Living in the People's Republic of Ann Arbor, I'm used to reading very off-the-wall letter's to the editor. Many thanks to the blog Ann Arbor is Overrated for pointing out many of these to me and fellow Michiganders. Here are a couple from the past:… more »

Olympic Medal Count

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One of the reasons I haven't been blogging lately is the Olympics. I wait patiently for 4 years for them to come, dedicate my life to watching them for the 2+ weeks they're on, and then go into hibernation and wait till next time. This year, NBC and… more »

Creating a Testimony

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I once heard an incredible quote/sound bite that I used during a sermon I gave to the youth group at my former church. It went like this: Unless you've been TESTED, you can't have a TESTIMONY Amazingly this didn't come from a dynamic evangelical p… more »

My thoughts on Minimum Wage

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If you work 40 hours a week at minimum wage, you are living below the poverty line, can't support a family and are just, well, dirt poor. Stinks to be you! It also means you have less job skills than a 16 year old with a desire to work hard for an 8-… more »

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