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Why I Hate Unions: Teachers Edition

by pittcaleb Email    1924 views

I have posted three times over the years why I hate unions (New Jersey, Michigan, Philadelphia). Today it's the New York City Public School System. I can't even start to type my comments here, they're patently obvious. But I know not all of you will… more »

Horrifying: Sarah Palin was a Pentecostal!

by pittcaleb Email    1918 views

Imagine my horror when I read the following: Sarah Palin often identifies herself simply as Christian. Yet John McCain's running mate has deep roots in Pentecostalism, a spirit-filled Christian tradition that is one of the fastest growing in the worl… more »

How not to cheat on your taxes

by pittcaleb Email    1879 views

Seems someone in the TX department of taxation finally decided to look up some freely available information from federal web sites and nail tax cheats. If you buy something out of state, you are still required to pay your home states sales tax on the… more »

What Bugs Me: AM Edition

by pittcaleb Email    1856 views

Let me tell you, briefly if I am able, what's bugging the heck out of me the past few weeks: Obama Appointments. Actually, it's not the appointments that are bugging me, it's the conservative talk radio folk's take on the appointments. Barack Obama… more »

Sally Quinn retracts a little

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Sally Quinn jumped into the No Spin Zone and appeared on O'Reilly the other day, stepping back a fair bit from her previous statements: You pointed out the other night that you thought I was being unfair and that I had judged her before I heard her spea… more »

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