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City of Brotherly Love

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So if you own a business in America, are you required, by law, code or ethics, to deal with customers in languages other than English? I mean if you own a McDonald's and have no Spanish-speaking employees, can the state (or a city) require you to accept… more »

My problem with the election process

by pittcaleb Email    1805 views that the American Voter is just plain stupid. You have one of two emotional responses to that statement. If your response was "No they aren't. People vote for what they feel is the best for the country/their district/their state. How dare you… more »

Anglicizing the Olympics

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Someone tell me why the Olympics are so American. No seriously - I'm not talking about the American teams or even the X-Games snowboard half-pipe, I'm talking about everything else. First, you should be aware that the Olympics are in Torino, Ital… more »

The Liberal Media Doesn't Get It - Feminism

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I am a Stay At Home Dad. I have been "at home" for over 7 years now, willingly and having planned to stay home once my first son was born and maternity leave was exhausted. My wife is a highly educated, very successful scientist. Thanks in no little p… more »

I Agree With a Hillary Team Member

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I would never have though I would so strongly agree with the statements of a top Hillary Clinton donor. Hillary fundraiser Susie Tompkins Buell made the following statement "decrying questions over whether Palin can, as a mother of five, juggle her fa… more »

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