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When live hands you lemons (dimpled chads), make lemonade (money, capitalism, entrepreneurship). Fla. man lives among the chads of 2000 election Most of the machines, however, have gone to Democrats, Dobyns says, who are still angry about the 2000… more »

Gardasil & The Catholics

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I ordered a T-Shirt from the American Life League and have been on their mailing list ever since. ALL is a Catholic pro-life organization which makes no bones about anything Catholic or pro-life and preaches these things at the fringes of their intended… more »

McCarthy Revisited, Internet Era

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"They" said McCarthy was the devil, claiming he had a "list of communists." Joseph McCarthy was merely a senator and not a part of the White House Administration. Here is a blog post by the official White House Communications Director asking, begging… more »

Palin on SNL

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Finally, I laughed today (between my retirement tanking, my personal investment tanking and politics driving me nuts, this may be the first time I laughed in a while)... Watched Saturday Night Live on my DVR from last night when Sarah Palin appeared.… more »

I am stinking mad!

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I am mad! Mad at the President, the Senate, Congress, the NSA, CIA and unknown and untold spy agencies in this country! Why Caleb? Why are you mad? I am mad because of last weeks USA Today cover story detailing the NSA's "massive database" of Ameri… more »

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