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I abandoned this blog almost a year ago, but retain it for writing longer "notes." This one has been stirring in me for some time, please give it some of your time. - C2This post really has to parts, if part 1 starts to bore you, please don't skip t… more »

Ramadan, Fasting & Overindulging

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I found this article a simply enlightening look at the holy month of Ramadan with respect to how fasting and drawing closer to "god" (Allah?) are pushed aside with laziness, watching TV, eating three times as much food as people "break" their fast and, o… more »

Tactical Error

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At a conference for Youth Leaders more than a decade ago, a speaker stated that the most often mis-quoted verse in the Bible is more »

Place in this World

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I can not fully explain right now, but as the night continues and I grow tired, I felt it appropriate to share here some brief, albeit deep, thoughts.I haven't posted here since April, 4 solid months ago. In that time, I have flown 2,000 miles to a… more »

Things that make me sick: Catholic Edition

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There are a lot of things in this world that just tick me off. I'd like to use stronger language, but I won't. Unions tick me off (this blog: Why I Hate Unions search). Lying, cheating, stealing politicians tick me off (this blog: bad politician searc… more »

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