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For everything, there is a season...

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There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavensThe first post in this blog is dated 1/15/05, nearly six years ago. Since then, I have written 854 entries - more than a post every 3 days, including the large time… more »

Place in this World

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I can not fully explain right now, but as the night continues and I grow tired, I felt it appropriate to share here some brief, albeit deep, thoughts.I haven't posted here since April, 4 solid months ago. In that time, I have flown 2,000 miles to a… more »

Stupid is as Stupid does

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So a few years ago I took the basic design for a marshmallow shooter and made it pneumatic. You pumped air into a small compression chamber, loaded it with a marshmallow then threw open a ball valve. I could hurl a marshmallow 50' and leave a welt in t… more »

I'm A Believer!

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Yep, after about 18 months of testing the waters and making dabbles into the system, I am finally a full-fledged believer - in Wholesale Club Shopping! I blogged recently about my foray into renewing my membership at BJ's, but finally, I believe in th… more »

Why I love my job!

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I've always told people if there were a competition based on building the tallest block tower, coolest lego building or vehicle or most awesome Hot Wheels track, I would win hands down! Lucinda was away on business earlier this week, so the boys and I… more »

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