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Update: Josh's New Bike

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This is a follow-up to the bike story post from earlier today. Be sure to read that one first! If you're not into numbers and scientific evaluation, just stop here and go to Otherwise, click more for the full story... I… more »

2006 Midwest GeoBash

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Hey guys, it's been a long week - but it's a holiday, so no complaining... Spent 4 days in Columbus, Ohio with some college friends and their kids. Got home, mowed the lawn, and then Lucinda headed off to Chicago and I to the 2006 Midwest GeoBash.… more »

Spacemen & Snowy Roads

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So after yesterday's post regarding Roy Schider's death, we were sure to finish watching 2010 on the DVR last night. Today though, my boys accompanied me to the hair stylist and got to be spacemen themselves (click photos for full size versions): B… more »

Backlog / Cheating

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Hey faithful readers - I've been quite busy the past week or so and although I had things to log about, didn't have time to do it properly in the proefssional nature I normally do. I published 4 articles today, but back-dated them so it looks like… more »

Flickr Photos of New House

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I used to host all my files on my servers - my videos, my music, my photos - I took some Open Source photo gallery software and re-coded it once to suit my needs, I built my own in-line video players. Then I decided a little bit ago, "why?" So here a… more »

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