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One year ago today...

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I biked 27 miles on the interior of Mackinac Island, finding every single active Geocache on said Island. We biked every trail, road and, well, terrain that could be biked upon. I did this awesome trip with Brian & Jerry Tippie. Man we had a blast… more »

100,000 Miles!

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I pride myself on doing what my father did - buying a new car, taking care of it, and driving it till it drives no more. The only problem there is that I have yet to drive a car to its death (well, one of my cars was totaled, with me in it, but I digr… more »

More Global Warming Plusses

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I have made a half-dozen posts on the topic of Global Warming (copyright Albert Gore) in this blog already. Before I continue my tongue-in-cheek post, I want to remind my readers that global warming is measured in tenths of a degree, tenths of an inch o… more »

Photos & Videos from the move

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No textual content today. I finally got my desktop PC up and running, transfered the photos and videos I took from there to my laptop via thumb drive and then uploaded the data to Flickr and YouTube via my borrowed WiFi connection (took a long time to c… more »

I'm baaaaaack.....

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I didn't want to broadcast my departure and open my house and family to anything unsafe before I left... But I returned very early this morning from an 11-day MAPS missions trip to Cabulco, Guatemala. More, much more, in the way of photos and stories a… more »

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