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Yet another Caching Quest

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Over Memorial Day weekend there was a huge gathering in North Carolina - GeoWoodstock. I really wanted to go, had planned to go and even had, I think, friends to go with. It would have been a 2,000 mile round trip which I'd do over 5 or 6 days - 2 down… more »

Stupid is as Stupid does

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So a few years ago I took the basic design for a marshmallow shooter and made it pneumatic. You pumped air into a small compression chamber, loaded it with a marshmallow then threw open a ball valve. I could hurl a marshmallow 50' and leave a welt in t… more »

Ruth Graham's Casket and other musings

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Ahhhh, it's Sunday and I'm going to post only positive musings today, saving my rants for another time and another place. Since we've moved to NJ, we've been attending Evangel Church. When I say "have been attending" I mean the day after we plopped d… more »

Five Boro Bike Tour

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On Sunday, Lucinda and I participated in the 31th Annual Five Boro Bike Tour of New York City! 42 miles of car-free touring of the five boroughs of New York City. Incredible fun! Here's our day, keep reading for some valuable insights and observatio… more »

Welcome to New Jersey - Fuggadaboutit

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So we closed on the house yesterday, Friday the 15th. All went well with the drive out, the inspection and all the paperwork. We have 3 different loans on the house (long story, just lots of technicalities), so there was an immense amount of signing to… more »

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