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Place in this World

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I can not fully explain right now, but as the night continues and I grow tired, I felt it appropriate to share here some brief, albeit deep, thoughts.I haven't posted here since April, 4 solid months ago. In that time, I have flown 2,000 miles to a… more »

Avis is so messed up... (Friday's too)

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For this trip, we rented a car through Avis. I made the reservation on the internet, at (note this is, not I made a reservation for a "large" car - they call a Chevy Impala a "large" vehicle. The total cost for a 2-day… more »

Proud Parent Time

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Normally I use this space to comment on the absurd, the funny and the newsworthy. I take a break from that to spend some time bragging about my kids today. Click on the photos for larger versions Josh, who recently turned 5, is a very mature young… more »

Why I walk the kids to school

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We walk to school. A lot of people drive, including some neighbors who live just as "far" as we do. School is a 0.40 mile walk each way. There are sidewalks, crossing guards and at the school very little parking. I have long believed that it would… more »

I'm baaaaaaaaaack

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Had a problem with the server (well, had a problem with Comcast, but that's another issue). It has since moved from Ann Arbor to outside of Boston. We experienced technical difficulties from mid-day on the 23rd till we noticed them on the 24th. I tr… more »

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