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More Shopping Madness

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The other day I wrote of how my local Super Stop & Shop put an average of only 2.1 items in each plastic bag upon checkout and what both an environmental and bottom-line waste that was. Today it was time to stock up on wholesale club stuff. We're… more »

Josh & The Bike, Part 2

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As you all know from my previous posting, I removed the training wheels from Josh's bike last Sunday (9 days ago). He's been a biking machine ever since. We started Josh on a 16" bike 2+ years ago, skipping the 12" wheel because he's so big/tall. The… more »

Funniest Sign Ever

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While in Lancaster, PA last week, I saw this sign and took a photo. It's one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time... Please drive my "view count" high by clicking on the photo above and adding to my count. Thanks... Leave a comment i… more »

Proof you can find anything on YouTube...

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I've mentioned YouTube exactly 3 times in this blog in the past month. Most have been either negative or along the lines of "look what strange things you can find over at YouTube." Well today I offer you yet another "you really can find anything at Y… more »

Stuart Cove Snorkeling

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For some reason, without kids or alarm clocks we've been waking up much earlier than we'd have thought. Today we left the hotel at 8 AM for a snorkeling outing with Stuart Cove (an outfitter). We start the day with a 45-minute drive from the east end o… more »

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