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We've been just a little busy

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...turning out backyard from a literal forest into something we can play in. For all the images, please check out the Flickr photo set. So after the land was cleared of trees and overgrowth, we found our backyard was literally littered with rocks. B… more »

Who do we look like?

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While poking around Facebook the other day, I noticed a friend had used a 'service' that did a celebrity face recognition and determined who they looked like... So I did it, although not on FaceBook so the whole world wouldn't know - it claims I look… more »

Frankenstein Photos

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I am not normally the one in the photos with operative scars, so here's your hopefully only chance to see me all messed up... Notice my bold statement to the surgeons as to which shoulder needed orthopedic work! I'm feeling a LOT better than I was to… more »

25th Annual Quick Check New Jersey Festival of Ballooning

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We spent the afternoon at the balloon festival and had an awesome time. If you're local, you can go again tomorrow, provided it's not raining. In Michigan, we used to frequent the Howell Balloon Festival (Michigan Challenge Balloonfest) which was last… more »

I'm banned from the tour

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As my faithful readers know, I am a huge Tour de France fan, going back to my youth and Greg LeMond. Everyone remembers when he got shot in the butt while hunting and reigning Tour champion. He eventually came back and won the tour 2 more times after t… more »

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