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Man, it's "cold" out...

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It was "cold" today - all the locals were wearing long pants, windbreakers and the like. The lifeguards were wearing wet suits to keep warm. Lucinda and I - swimsuits splashing around in the pool of course. It reached like 74 today, but it was very ve… more »

Got Crabs?

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Day 2 in Crab City... what? Crab's are everywhere! Seems just like cows invaded Chicago and Penguins Pittsburgh (and numerous similar items other cities), crabs have invaded Baltimore!      We had a blast spotting and photogr… more »

Capital City

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After packing up our room and grabbing a quick bite to eat, we headed off to Capital City for what was to be a few hours before our flight back home. Unfortunately, my Garmin iQue decided to route us into the city in the strangest of ways and we probabl… more »

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I am headed to Kansas City this weekend for the 11th Annual Stay At Home Dad's conference. Rather than drive directly (768 miles through only 4 states) we took a very round-about route. Driving due west from Ann Arbor, we went through the NW corner o… more »

Our New House

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I post this during a pretty serious spam attack on the site. I've already received over 8,000 individual spam hits on the site - about 500 went through before I stopped them cold, but in doing so, I also stopped you, my readers, from being able to comme… more »

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