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My son is a genius

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Not that anyone who's met him would hesitate to apply this label... I'm not in the habit of posting AIM chat logs with my friends (incriminating most of them are), but this one I just had to. When I recently built my son a 'new' computer (my old P3… more »

A fun day of photography...

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So I'm finally getting over the whole "going to hell" thing I posted about the other day. A couple friends tried consoling me that I am (probably) not headed that way, while others said, "Duh! Dude, you're going to Hell!" Thanks all... We took a fa… more »

Supernanny is in the house!

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Seriously, Supernanny... Ever see the show? I've watched maybe an hour in total - Lucinda and Josh love the show though. So this evening, after dropping Josh off at VBS and having 3 hours without him, Lucinda and I decide to take Sam for a walk and… more »

Feel good story of the day

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While at the grocery store today, Josh asked me about the frequent shopper card I had to present to the cashier in order to get my discounts. You know the drill, your key chain has 4 of them attached, doesn't it? The bagger at our local Super Stop &a… more »

Omaha Steaks

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We got some Omaha Steaks today as a gift. The best part of getting Omaha Steaks isn't the beef, which is excellent - it's the dry ice that comes with it! Josh and I spent a solid half-hour playing around. Didn't break out the camera until the end.… more »

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