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To charm city we go...

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Friday morning we packed up the family and headed east to Charm City. Our primary purpose was to attent a friend's (Lucinda's grad-school roomate) wedding in Baltimore, secondarily though we wanted to do a bit of sight-seeing, although time would prove… more »

Coolest Christmas Card Ever

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As most of you know, every year Lucinda and I create quite the annual Christmas card (we're running behind this year again, rest assured, it's in production). In our received box, we get everything from the thoughtfully written Christmas Letters to ge… more »

It's been a long week...

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First we were all on vacation in Florida. Then the news hit. Now we're home... So here are some of my consolidated thoughts: On Jan 6th, I bookmarked an article for publishing in this blog. It details how Michigan is the "highest outbound" state… more »

Solar Day

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Seems none of the schools in my new locale have air conditioning. Yesterday they got out at noon and today classes were canceled throughout the region last night. What to do? Heck, I'm a Stay At Home Dad - I can do anything! Degrees of Global Warmi… more »

The only use for WebCams

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So WebCams... I bought a new laptop last fall and spent a couple extra bucks to get an integrated web camera in the case. This was I can video chat with people without any bulky add-ons or the need to set it up. Not that I did this, but it would be… more »

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