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You've Been Served

by pittcaleb Email    1782 views

OK, say that title again in your best classic AOL "You've Got Mail" voice. Then imagine for yourself a Facebook application, similar to SuperPoke or Snowball Fight that allows legal process servers to send you summons through your facebook account? S… more »

Who do we look like?

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While poking around Facebook the other day, I noticed a friend had used a 'service' that did a celebrity face recognition and determined who they looked like... So I did it, although not on FaceBook so the whole world wouldn't know - it claims I look… more »

Bunch O' Links

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Even though I have been faithfully blogging over the past couple of weeks, the links and FireFox tabs still collect and today is the day to ditch them all. So sit back and enjoy a bunch o' links courtesy of PittCaleb: A woman is sued for HYPERLINKING… more »