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Throwing My Vote Away -or- Voting Libertarian

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This Presidential Election season reminds me of that from 1996. In that election, Bill Clinton was ripe for defeating, but the GOP nominated Bob Dole as his opponent. To this day, I have not run into a single person who claims to have voted for Dole… more »

Explaining my absence

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Any more, I have to keep my internet and broadcast new input to a minimum. I feel that most of the "people" out there are uninformed and that the media is completely one-sided. It's to a point where it actually angers me... How can a network get a r… more »

Republican's can be A** H**** too

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Just so my liberal readers don't think I am completely one-sided in this whole Palin bashing... During the convention, Palin, a woman to remind my cave-dwelling readers, said, "You know the difference between a Hockey Mom and a Pit Bull? Lipstick!"… more »

I Agree With a Hillary Team Member

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I would never have though I would so strongly agree with the statements of a top Hillary Clinton donor. Hillary fundraiser Susie Tompkins Buell made the following statement "decrying questions over whether Palin can, as a mother of five, juggle her fa… more »